03/2015 Raul Mur Artal contributed his ORB-SLAM code.
09/2014 Gijs Dubbelman and Brett Browning contributed their COP-SLAM code.
08/2013 Liang Zhao, Shoudong Huang, Yanbiao Sun, and Gamini Dissanayake contributed their ParallaxBA code.
04/2013 Niko Suenderhauf contributed his OpenSeqSLAM code.
03/2013 Liang Zhao, Shoudong Huang, and Gamini Dissanayake contributed their LinearSLAM code.
03/2013 Michael Milford, Gordon Wyeth, David Ball, and Scott Heath contributed their OpenRatSLAM code.
12/2011 Jose Luis Blanco, Juan Antonio Fernandez Madrigal, and Javier Gonzalez Jimenez contributed their RO-SLAM - Bayesian range-only SLAM with SOGs code.
12/2012 Pratik Agarwal and Edwin Olson contributed their MaxMixture code.
10/2011 Niko Suenderhauf contributed his Vertigo code.
12/2011 Jerry Moravec contributed his ROBOMAP Studio code.
05/2011 Michael Ruhnke, Rainer Kuemmerle, Giorgio Grisetti, and Wolfram Burgard contributed their SSA2D code.
04/2011 Felix Endres, Juergen Hess, and Nikolas Engelhard contributed their RGBDSlam code.
04/2011 Luciano Spinello contributed his People2D code.
03/2011 Rainer Kuemmerle, Giorgio Grisetti, Hauke Strasdat, Kurt Konolige, and Wolfram Burgard contributed their G2O code.
03/2011 Christoph Hertzberg and Rene Wagner contributed their MTK code.
12/2010 We did an internal redesign of the scripts underlying and will from now on better support SLAM-related tools (see the SLAM Tools sections).
10/2010 Michael Kaess, Hordur Johannsson, and John Leonard contributed their iSAM code.
06/2010 Javier Civera and Jose Maria Montiel contributed their EKFMonoSLAM Matlab code for EKF SLAM from a 6 DOF motion monocular image sequence.
06/2010 Diego Tipaldi and Kai Arras committed their FLIRTLib code for computing features from laser range data.
10/2009 Shoudong Huang Iterated Sparse Local Submap Joining Filter (I-SLSJF) code.
09/2009 Andreas Nuechter submitted his SLAM 6D code.
04/2009 Oussama El Hamzaoui submitted his CoreSLAM code.
02/2009 Udo Frese submitted his TreeMap code.
11/2008 Christoph Hertzberg and Udo Frese submitted their SLOM (Sparse Least Squares on Manifolds) code.
12/2007 Haiqiang Zhang submitted his CEKF-SLAM code.
06/2007 In the near future, the repositories will be accessable only via https (no http anymore).
05/2007 Added the new tree-based constraint network optimizer (TORO) of Giorgio Grisetti and Cyrill Stachniss.
02/2007 Patrick Beeson came up with the idea of a tool-page. This page is now setup.
01/2007 Added the Thin Junction Tree Filters for SLAM package of Mark A. Paskin
01/2007 Added the SLAM package of Tim Bailey including
EKF, UKF, and FastSLAM code
01/2007 Added the CAS Robot Navigation Toolbox by Kai Arras
01/2007 Added DP-SLAM by Austin Elizar and Ronald Parr
01/2007 Dirk Haehnel's submitted his grid based FastSLAM approach
01/2007 Added a simplified and updated version of GMapping
01/2007 goes online.